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Honeycomb and Jars of Honey

Enjoy Our Honey in Andover, NJ

You deserve to add a little sweetness to your life. At Queen of the Hill Farm, you will find a dazzling selection of decadent, natural honey in Andover, NJ. These products are made by our very own hardworking bees at our on-site apiary. With our diverse product selection and unforgettable flavors, you’ll fall in love with the natural sweetness and subtle flavor of honey.

A Royally Indulgent Sweetener: Check out Our Products

Honey is a diverse sweetener. So much so, that you’ll want to add it to virtually anything. You can incorporate it into your baking recipes, spread it on toast, or brighten up the flavors of your coffee or tea. It’s also a good addition to a hot drink to soothe a sore throat.

Queen of the Hill Farm sells a variety of honey-based products that will add flavor to your daily life. We have jars of honey in-stock, and also some sweet gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. For instance, our catalog includes special straws made from honey that will make your breaks or get-togethers all the more relaxing.

Discover the delightful taste of infused honey. Our farm makes specialty blends that are great for special occasions or as a gift. We use extracts of apple, peppermint, and lemon to create honey that like no other.

Of course, honey is more than a sweetener. This diverse product can also make a variety of household items that will make your daily life more comforting. Our honey store carries other high-quality products, including soap and candles.

Honey Andover, NJ

About Our Bees

We raise Golden Italian Honey Bees, so named for their gold-yellow bands. These are the most docile of honey bees and are rather productive. Their honey is well-renowned. Golden Italians originate from southern Italy and are extremely sensitive to the temperature. They require care and attention to ensure they make the best honey possible.

We’re committed to the craft of raising bees. Try out the fruits of our bees’ labor, and you’ll learn how quality tastes.

Contact us to learn more about our honey-based products. We are located in Andover, NJ.